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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
I don't think it's BD's fault. The format itself is the best available as far as PQ and AQ. The blame lies in the shattered economy which forced many consumers to tighten their belts when it comes to impulse buying and the availability of super cheap rentals.

When the rental versus purchase ratio was 4 to 1 back in DVD's heyday, it was much easier to justify a purchase then it is today where that ratio is now 12 or 15 to 1.

PS: It cost me $70 to fill my gas tank yesterday.
Consumers were forced to tighten belts, and it did have an effect on the entertainment budget, but renting versus buying is the product itself and not the price.
There is little quality in movies which makes wasting $2 on a stinker easier to swallow rather than $20.
If a movie is worth watching, it will be purchased.
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