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Originally Posted by Malanthius View Post
Sales? No. Has never looked good to me. Picture quality? That looks good! . I see Imortals as 300 part 2. Total gamer genre. So I understand why it is selling the way it is. Lots of games systems out there that happen to have a Bluray drive in it. That alone will give it a boost. Plus it's an action movie which also helps sell with non gamer consumers.

My point is I think a lot of the percentages are inflated by the fact that collectors are a dying breed. Those that still want to collect I expect to move to Bluray. I'm shocked at how many still collect that have not moved on to Bluray. Hard to get my head around that. But this fact doesn't sit well with me and exposes how poorly Bluray has been accepted by mainstream consumers.
I don't think it's BD's fault. The format itself is the best available as far as PQ and AQ. The blame lies in the shattered economy which forced many consumers to tighten their belts when it comes to impulse buying and the availability of super cheap rentals.

When the rental versus purchase ratio was 4 to 1 back in DVD's heyday, it was much easier to justify a purchase then it is today where that ratio is now 12 or 15 to 1.

PS: It cost me $70 to fill my gas tank yesterday.
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