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Originally Posted by Malanthius
Doesn't look good for the format IMO.
Hardly a surprise. Nothing has looked good to you for the format since its launch. j/k

Kinda have to see the results before saying that or are you just assuming sales are going to be low so that the Blu-ray unit marketshare will be high because of that. That would see to be contradicted by the high Blu-ray sales being projected.

But in this case, the point was not so much the philosophical cosmic discussion on Blu-ray ever going to replace DVD's revenues or fully cover its decline. It was more on the news that this specific title not only had an initial high Blu-ray marketshare which is pretty expected for its genre but also that it is on track to be the best selling Blu-ray title for the year and will probably punch above its TBO weight class for Blu-ray sales. I do not remember this title being on the discussion radar before.
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