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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
BTW you were hardly silenced at AVS Forum or HDD for "contradicting Kosty PR" as much as you had issues with ignoring mod guidance and how you went about your postings and personal comments. That's obviously between you and the mods for any place you post act to decide and take action if appropriate.

Here or there or anywhere else you have always been welcomed in disagreeing with me or anyone else in an appropriate manner. But criticizing mod behavior or why you were infracted is hardly an appropriate topic of discussion here.
Funny how the mods never silenced you for calling us much worse. But you are the primary traffic driver to that forum (or so they thought!) so they have no problem with it. That coupled with obvious biased mods meant some of us had to go (either by banning or voluntarily leaving). Much more went on behind the scenes that you are unaware of a few months ago. There's a reason why this forum has shot up in popularity and the other is pretty much you talking to yourself.

But thankfully we can point to your previous posts to call you out on without fear of being infracted here.
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