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Originally Posted by Kosty
I would agree with you that late 4Q 2011 did not meet my personal expectations for YoY growth that I had in August 2011, as I really did not project that the 2011 releases then in December would end up so much weaker than the Dec 2010 ones. Kinda hard to project Dec 2011 in Aug 2012 for releases.

I never said that Dec 2011 release strength comparisons did not affect the statistics as well. They certainly did. The late November December 4Q 2011 results dropped the YoY growth from its high of about 27% back down to 17% in the HMM statistics.

Originally Posted by PSound View Post

It was actively being discussed. You labeled those who saw it coming as "pessimistic".

It is what you do. Constantly spin any relevant information that sees or projects Blu-ray in less than a glowing light as irrelevant.

Then to come out and say you didn't see it coming? We were stating it directly to you (before we were silenced for daring contradict Kosty PR).

I do not think you can find much in the way of discussing December box office strength last summer. We knew Twilight was in the mix for Dec 2010 but we had little idea of what 2011 releases would be in that period until much later.
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