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Originally Posted by PSound View Post

And I find it hard to believe that studio execs were looking at 2011 (with BD exclusive sell through windows and a Star Wars catalog release) and thinking, "Blu-ray growing $350 million in 2011 and making up 17% of DVDs decline is right around what we are projecting".

If they did, Kosty would have had to label them as "pessimistic" (to say the least).
Well they probably would not have a lot of confidence in any projections like that anyway as the studios do not control retail price points and overall revenues anyway. Retailers do.

The studios care less about overall retail revenues than they do with wholesale revenues and units anyway.

But you are just fooling yourself if you think that the strength of releases was not considered. Or that the studios care more about their own growth and revenues and profits that that of some overall industry metric. Industry trends and metrics are important but what is vastly more important are the more specific performance levels at individual companies or for individual releases over time.
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