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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
Its your personal model that Blu-ray is expected to cover DVDs attrition all by itself and few people I talk to or see that are involved in this stuff think that way anymore if they ever did.


Its your own limited paradigm here that is making the assumption that Blu-ray is supposed to be making up for DVDs attrition all by itself.
No, it isn't. And you are downright putting out falsehoods to support your PR spin if you state so.

Studio execs certainly expected Blu-ray to make up for DVD attrition in right around the end of 2010 timeframe. They may have lowered expectations significantly since then, but they would have had to plummet to the cellar if they went from expecting Blu-ray to cover DVD attrition by the end of 2010 to expecting Blu-ray to barely cover 17% of DVDs decline for all of 2011.

Those are facts. You stating that it was only my expectation does not support what otherwise might be other valid points. Now you may be limited in what you can concede while pushing Blu-ray here, but that does not change the facts.
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