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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
I know you are going to actively promote Blu-ray here, but even you cannot expect to ignore facts and not get called on it. Hell, I don't even give the BDA that pass.

I was talking full year performance. Full year. Including the release of the crown jewel of catalog series with an exclusive 2011 BD release - Star Wars. Including a massively successful summer blockbuster sequel getting a Blu-ray only sell through release window.

Both of those were purely of benefit to Blu-ray, not to mention the massive promotion that BD receives, including combo packs.

With all that studio support, including actions meant to solely benefit Blu-ray (even at the expense of DVD), Blu-ray still only grew a measly $350 million in 2011. Barely covered 17% of DVDs decline during that same period. Facts. Undeniable.

And now here comes Kosty's PR spin ignoring (of deflecting from) those full year numbers.....
It seems that you are more upset about those top line numbers than anyone else around.

As I said, those revenue results have to be placed into the perspective of the expectations for the performance based on the releases compared to a year having Avatar and two Twilight Saga movies in the year before. Blu-ray did far better than DVD did with the same releases to work with as well.

The studios seemed pretty pleased with the performance of those major new to Blu-ray releases as well and that's why we will continue to see them coming in the coming years.

Plus all of the other points I made before about revenue gains not being as indicative of consumer demand as unit sale growth nor are revenues as important as profits and margins either.

You can just continue to deny that the release strength comparisons do not matter, but people know better.

Besides recent periods mean more than earlier ones and the better numbers for most of the 3Q and early 4Q last year as well as what we are seeing already in 1Q 2012 are always going to be given more weight.

Retailers and the studios by their nature will look to increasing Blu-ray marketshare, unit sale volumes and profits for individual releases over time more than some industry gross top level metric like format revenues.

When a particular studio or retailer can obviously see that a certain type and genre and box office performance for a title this year or last generating more Blu-ray units sold, greater revenues, greater profits at a higher margin that the DVD sku it displaces and does better in those metrics than a similar title in years past then that's noticed.

The raw gross revenue metric for the year is not cared as much as the demonstrated increasing levels of sales for similar titles in the more identifiable performance at the more detailed level.

People look at industry wide general metrics with more sophistication as not only do they contain a mash of variables that affect the results but they apply unevenly to different companies.

General trends are noticed of course but people understand things like how box office strength affect the results.
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