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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
Its not that the box office strength of releases being down -26% in the first quarter of last year or Avatar being in the 2Q comparisons from 2010 to 2011 had anything to do with that Year or Year growth rate....
I know you are going to actively promote Blu-ray here, but even you cannot expect to ignore facts and not get called on it. Hell, I don't even give the BDA that pass.

I was talking full year performance. Full year. Including the release of the crown jewel of catalog series with an exclusive 2011 BD release - Star Wars. Including a massively successful summer blockbuster sequel getting a Blu-ray only sell through release window.

Both of those were purely of benefit to Blu-ray, not to mention the massive promotion that BD receives, including combo packs.

With all that studio support, including actions meant to solely benefit Blu-ray (even at the expense of DVD), Blu-ray still only grew a measly $350 million in 2011. Barely covered 17% of DVDs decline during that same period. Facts. Undeniable.

And now here comes Kosty's PR spin ignoring (of deflecting from) those full year numbers.....
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