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Originally Posted by 1stSilverado View Post
You are stating an error when you mention profits to studios, as not one studio will put their revenue in a pot and share with everyone else.
one good week for one studio is not profits across the board, logically we can assume that there are ups and downs for the studios when regarding blu ray, now you have to think if the good weeks outweigh the bad, we should be seeing coverage of attrition from DVD, but that is not occurring, so logic would tell us that good weeks do not outweigh the bad.

Blu-ray is covering more of new release sales than the decline in DVD revenues from older release sales.

But Blu-ray releases by title stand alone and can be and are profitable by themselves even if they are not in the aggregate generating more revenues in total than DVD was the year before.

Blu-ray does not have to be as successful or sell at the same magnitude as DVD to be profitable. It can be argued that any week where profits are made at packaged media sales magnitudes are a good week as well even if its less than before.

But its certainly true that for most weeks Blu-ray's growth has not covered fully DVD's attrition so its that your only definition of a good week or bad, that's been rare enough in the past few years. So far the last couple weeks here in 1Q 2012 are an exception as is the overall YTD 1Q 2012 comparison.
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