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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Q1 is typically light on Blu-ray favorable genres, and last year was no exception either. We're getting apples to apples from what I can tell, and remember that last year there was no Blu-ray exclusive Lady and the Tramp, which topped the charts over Twilight and came in second the following week. It basically cancels out the DVD bias of Twilight, as I had illustrated in an earlier post.
Well Bambi was near the same relative slot being in first week of March 01, 2011 as the 1Q Disney classic animation release new to Blu-ray. So that will be a close comparison shortly.

If we are close to apples to apples tin your mind then Blu-ray is still doing better than the pace for this time of last year. But like I said its still very early and its just too soon to really tell on the trending.
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