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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
There are definitely two distinct phenomenon at play.

The BO strength (and strong catalog) skewing the results because of the small sample size.

And the new (unexpectedly strong) performance of DVD.

The shift in DVD is really the interesting one, because I am still thinking BD will drift sub-20% growth when box office normalizes over time.

A lot of releases like Twlight and Courageous this year are more favorable DVD genres than leading Blu-ray genres so more of the positive TBO impact has benefited DVD sales even more than Blu-ray.

I agree we have a small sample size.

But we also have a large jump in the YoY trend that will have some inertia to stay at a higher level as there are not that many weeks in the 2010 period in 1Q 2Q and 3Q 2011 that were above $40M for Blu-ray last year.

So there will be less chances to depress that metric. Especially after we get into late April through mid September.

It will be interesting to see how it develops and where Blu-ray ends up on weeks where the box office advantage is less pronounced.
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