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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
I do not downplay or overplay it. It makes a big difference when it is down like in 1Q of last year and in mid Nov and Dec 2011 and when it was up in September 2011 and October 2011 of last year.

I have consistently stated that Twilight this year is a huge advantage as it was a disadvantage last year in the comparisons with two Twilight Saga movies and Avatar in 2010 vs 2011.

It seems to me that its you that is discounting the effect that release strength had on the statistics last year. Releases matter this year as they did in the comparisons last year as well.

But I also see a stronger base rate of sales this year as well for Blu-ray as I look deeper in the statistics. If that's true and if the release strength this year remains closer or more favorable then that will advantage the OD and Blu-ray YTY statistics as well. But as I said its much too early to see that and I agree with PSound that the end of the 1Q and into the 2Q will give a better idea of the trend.
BO after 7 weeks last year was down 5%, while BLu-ray was up 18.7%. So that actually increases the total BO disparity when you take last year into account. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
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