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Originally Posted by Kosty
For the 5000 theatrical movies that ever got more than a modest $4 million in box office performance those are pretty certain to get a Blu-ray release over time as well.
There have been a lot more than 5000 movies that grossed over $4 million, especially when you adjust for inflation. Most movies before 1980 aren't even in the boxofficemojo database because the box office is unknown, and many from the 80's and even early 90's are missing as well.

Last year 154 movies released on Blu-ray grossed over $4 million, so using that benchmark as a rough guide, assuming 150 movies a year as being "viable", you would get 1500 for every 10 years, or, over 12000 going back to 1930. Of course, the older the movie, the less current appeal it would have.
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