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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
As I stated before, this is very similar to the spike we saw at end of Q3 / early Q4 last year. The difference is that there is very little prior revenue reported to normalize it in any way.

End of Q1 and H1 will be good benchmarks. We will probably be able to update projections at that point.

So far I have not seen anything to take me off of the ~ 12%-16% BD growth for the year.

Another difference is that Blu-ray YoY is up much less this time and DVD is down much less. In early Q4 Blu-ray was up over 70% and DVD down around 14%. Now it's 32% Blu-ray and -6% DVD.

In any case I don't think we're referring to the exact same thing, as I was saying that OD is up because of the box office and we don't need to see 3-6 months of follow up data to confirm that.

The only thing that is uncertain is why the delta between Blu-ray and DVD has shrunk so much, and we would need more data to see if that's going to make a trend or is just a temporary quirk in the data.
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