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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
$140 M over seven weeks is $20 M per week. Perhaps 15.6% is not "trivial" by your definition but its hardly that dramatic. TBO is a rough indicator and only usually moves things a lot when the weekly differential is higher than that. Obviously a Twilight Sage movie in the mix is a major event that alters things no matter what the TBO difference. Same thing happened last year except in reverse.

The strength of releases is obviously a major factor and the late 3Q 2011 and early 4Q 2011 periods with Star Wars and other strong summer titles will be a much tougher comparison period. But this year will also have some strong titles as well including Titanic and this years summer blockbusters as well.

Should be interesting to see what happens.

15.6% is what it is. And with it, OD is up nearly 1 percent. If box office were flat, then OD would be down perhaps 10 percent. It's a big difference, and not any less so then the Q1+Q2 2011 box office last year, which was made a big deal out of.
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