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Below are the trending charts for the cumulative YoY metrics for Blu-ray and OD for this year with last years 2011 vs 2010 trendline in shadow for comparison purposes.

You can obviously see the effect Twilight: Breaking Dawn has on the metric just as you can see how the Twilight movies, Avatar and Alice in Wonderland had on the comparisons last year in the other direction.

The strength of the releases is an obvious factor in Blu-ray and OD's performance this year as well as last year.

Blu-ray and OD Cumulative Year Over Year Year to Date Trends Through Week Ending 02/12/12

Note: This is the highest these benchmarks have been since we have been keeping track of them. At the moment Blu-ray year to date is actually covering DVD attrition and the total DVD+Blu-ray = OD revenues for the year is positive for the first time in the historical data.

Obviously a result of the more favorable releases in the comparison period but still notable.

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