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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
I don't recall there ever being a week where DVD was up double digits when BO was down. Anomaly is an understatement.
Yes, Twilight must have had a really good Sunday that opening weekend (and carrying over to the next several days). That's the only explanation really.

Regarding the strong performance of DVD this year, relative to OD, I was going to attribute it to the Twilight release as well, since it gets a lower BD market share than normal. "Normal" BD market share in top 20 is around 35-40%. But then I realized that BD had Lady and the Tramp exclusive to the format, so it pretty much evened things out.

To investigate further, I took the combined market share of Twilight and Tramp to see how they compare to the average BD share for the year: 36.4% (unweighted for the strength of each week).

The week earlier Twilight had a 25% BD share and a 100.00 OD index, while Tramp was 100% BD share and a 30.22 OD index. That means for every 100 Twilight titles sold, BD sold 25 and DVD 75, and for every 30 Tramp titles sold, all were BD. So combining the two you get 130 OD unites, of which 55 are BD, a 42.4% share.

This week is was 24% BD share Twilight and a 100.00 OD index, and Tramp had 100% BD share and an 11.50 OD index. That comes out to a combined 31.8% BD share.

So when you combine the strengths of those two top titles for the last 2 weeks, you get a very normal BD share. Thus the reason why DVD is doing so well compared to BD must lie elsewhere.
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