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Originally Posted by HD Goofnut View Post
Yeah, for digital copies it does. Ultraviolet is the dumbest thing since the advent of digital copies. I hate the interface and the fact that I have to sign up under each respective studio's website to activate each copy. Ultraviolet's rushed medium and this dumb Wal-Mart move will certainly be another nail.
I really like the idea of Ultraviolet and it addressed many of my concerns about digital. The execution of it is another matter. You are absolutely right, it needs to be seamless for the end user. You should not make people jump through multiple portals and drive in to a place like Walmart.. It is really poor execution of a good idea, and at this point. Ultraviolet is most likely destined to fail or be a small player in home video unless the studios pull their heads our of their collective rear ends.

I don't advocate piracy or condone it, but the studios have to realize what they are up against. What they are proposing here with Walmart is just going to further entice people to pirate movies.
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