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Originally Posted by ack_bak View Post
I just have to say that this is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard. So to usher in this great convenient new technology you will have to work with a Walmart photolab technician? Seriously?

What the hell is Hollywood thinking? This is going to revolutionize home video? Walmart photolab technicians? People hauling DVD's into a B&M store to wait in line and work with someone who has no clue about home video and then pay a fee to have a digital copy for something they already own a physical copy of?

Wow. Desperation seems to be setting in.
Yeah, for digital copies it does. Ultraviolet is the dumbest thing since the advent of digital copies. I hate the interface and the fact that I have to sign up under each respective studio's website to activate each copy. Ultraviolet's rushed medium and this dumb Wal-Mart move will certainly be another nail.
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