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This week also included the first Sunday for Twilight as well as the full week.

It does seem that Lady and the Tramp did good Sunday and second week sales as well.

Working on some charts now.

Amazingly enough, Blu-ray through 7 weeks in is around +32.69% up YoY YTD and actually for the moment has fully covered DVDs attrition as current DVD+BD=OD year over year percentage is by my initial calculations up +0.93%.

I think that's the first time since I have been doing the cumulative year over year year to date calculations that at any time that Blu-ray's growth has ever fully covered DVDs attrition.

Obviously that's a result of Twilight being in the mix this year, but that was the opposite situation last year without a Twilight movie in 2011 but one in 2010.

Still its a nice benchmark to see.
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