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Top 20 HMM/Nielsen charts are up, with Twilight #1 on both the OD and BD top 20. Not because Twilight did so well in week 2, but because it was a slow week, with really nothing new that was noteworthy.

Actually considering it was a Saturday release, Twilight suffered heavy attrition in week 2. Last week it sold 3.2 million on both format for the 2 day period, and today Lionsgate announces that it has reached the 5 million mark. I don't know if that's through yesterday or through the end of last week (Sunday), but it's more likely to be the latter.

If so, that gives 1.8 million week two sales, of which 24% were Blu-ray, or, 432k units. Applying that to this weeks Blu-ray ratios show 62% fewer top 20 units being sold this week vs. last. So it should be a slow week for Blu-ray in spite of week 2 Twilight + Lady and the Tramp (which suffered 78% attrition, which is close to normal for high selling Blu-ray titles).
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