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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Yeah I see that. Thanks to Lady and the Tramp. Still can't get over how it outsold Twilight.

If 3.4 million copies of Twilight were reported to have sold, and 25% were on Blu-ray, then that makes 850k for Blu-ray. And since it got an 81% share of the top title, Lady and the Tramp, that makes sale of Tramp at around 1.05 million.

Sunday's sales aren't included but even so Tramp was probably responsible for close to $20 million of that $54 million HMM figure alone. It's amazing the selling power of these Disney classics compared to the other studio's catalogs.

Unfortunately Disney is running out of top tier classics to debut on Blu-ray. Which ones are left? I can think of Cinderella and 101 Dalmations.

Disney's "vault" strategy has been very successful. That is why WB is trying to duplicate it with Harry Potter.

You know HP is a big series... Taking the family to Disney World and penciled in a day to make it to Harry Potter park!
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