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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
Since Blu-ray unit markethare for releases across all genre's and demographics have steadily risen a lot since 2009 the observation that this Twilight Saga release only increased a few percentage points from Dec 2010 to Feb 2012 implies there were unusual factors in play.

Obviously the intensity of the Twilight fans are unique, its heavily younger female orientated for intensity with a overall female skew and one release was in the height of the holiday season in December while another was around Valentine's day for the romantic plot of the wedding and end of the storyline in the books. Plus this was a midnight Friday release with special events for intense fans with only a couple days counted in the statistics so it biases toward highly involved fans.

All are unique factors other that probably do not apply to most releases.
Wasn't Eclipse released on a Saturday as well? I don't know if it had midnight parties, but other than being released on Valentines day vs. Christmas, I don't see what would skew the market share more so in favor of DVD than if it were released in December as well.

I agree that it is a very unusual title, but being a chick flick the market share is still very good for that genre.
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