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Originally Posted by DreGun View Post
It actually has a special Wireless Access point, so as not to interfere with your internet.
I wasn't as worried about it interfering with the Internet, but more-so if you have a lot of wireless interference in your area (condos, apartments etc.). That many people with that many wireless devices can wreak havoc on a wi-fi connection. I myself had to change the channel on my router at one point because I was having a lot of packet loss and degraded service. Reason being everyone in my building was on channel 1 of the router. Many of us have U-verse, so we were all on the same channel. I was never able to get above 12Mbps when I'm signed up for the 18. After a lengthy call to level 2 support, we changed the channel on the router, and that worked. No more problems. Until even more people got U-verse in our building. So another channel switch fixed it again.

So yeah, this is brilliant, so long as you can avoid any wireless interference.

I was also wondering if this would potentially slow down the wi-fi internet connections, but if it's own separate access point, then that wouldn't be an issue. Good to know.
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