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I did the the comparisons from May through November 2011 as an excel sheet between The-Numbers and HMM.

I have not updated it for recently as I have had less time in Dec and Jan and the percentages have matched for the most part.

But its a way to extend also the Top 10 Blu-ray unit estimates out to the Top 20 Blu-ray titles we have index numbers or DVD estimates and Blu-ray percentages to get an weekly order of magnitude estimate.

My sources tell me since the fall the The-Numbers weekly DVD and Blu-ray unit estimates are pretty close but sometimes the Blu-ray weekly estimates for revenues are off by a bit. Some weeks though (Green Hornet and Thor) the The-Numbers estimate was off quite a but and they acknowledged it and had to adjust in subsequent weeks)

Their cumulative totals are said to be pretty good but sometimes some initial weeks are flaky.

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