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The Green Hornet and Thor were the weeks that The-Numbers identified as being the two weeks where they screwed up the Blu-ray first week estimates and they had to account for them in subsequent weeks.

I agree that using the DVD figures against the Blu-ray Nielsen Videoscan first alert marketshares in any time period before they started publishing the Blu-ray Top 10 chart will bias the estimates high as their DVD estimates include Walmart while the Nielsen Videoscan first alert marketshares do not. The percent variation would be likely higher in the slower volume weeks of 1Q 2Q 3Q than the 4Q and would probably be worse the further in time you went back as Walmart would have higher DVD sales in relationship to Blu-ray the earlier you went back.

Some genres would also be affected more than others as family friendly and female genres would have less Blu-ray marketshare and more DVD share at Walmart than action Blu-ray friendly genres as well.
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