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Here are the top titles, and the Blu-ray share HMM vs. The-Numbers, for several consecutive weeks last summer

Date  HMMshare  Numbers     Title
12-Jun	52.6%	47.0%	True Grit
19-Jun	57.2%	48.1%	True Grit
26-Jun	43.4%	29.0%	The Adjustment Bureau
3-Jul	61.4%	49.1%	Sucker Punch
10-Jul	49.8%	39.8%	Sucker Punch
17-Jul	42.5%	36.6%	Rango
24-Jul	42.5%	33.8%	Rango
31-Jul	41.1%	32.9%	Source Code
Notice that the Blu-ray share for The-Numbers is quite a bit lower. I didn't calculate for the May and early June ratios, but they are probably similar, with The-Numbers giving lower Blu-ray shares. Lower Blu-ray shares would mean lower units for Blu-ray. That's why you can't just scale the DVD data and assume HMM Blu-ray shares. Hope this helps.
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