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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
How can you possibly compare a Best Buy store and a Redbox Kiosk and think they are anything alike. Do you have any idea how much revenue a Redbox Kiosk generates on a daily basis versus a Best Buy store? You are comparing a cup of water to an olympic swiming pool and trying to say they are the same because they both contain water.
I never compared revenue. I said 1000 locations is a lot for any business. 1000 kiosks. 1000 Rita's Water Ice huts. 1000 Jiffy Lubes. I don't care the business or the revenue. 1000 of any one business is a lot.

Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
Right in the middle of the Great Recession. Nice to see you recant your position concerning the economic influence on OD sales.
I recanted nothing. Show me where I EVER said the economy wasn't a factor. You won't be able to because I never said it.

Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
I never said that so please don't try to put words in my mouth that I did not say. The shitty economy was the spark for Redbox's growth and not the other way around as some here are trying to claim.
You've done a pretty good job putting words in mine. In just one post you said I compared revenue and never recognized the economy as a factor, when I've done neither.

Redbox would have grown without the economy, because they provide a good service with good value to consumers.

Now please - actually read my posts next time before you tell me what I've supposedly said. You've been quite inaccurate thus far.
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