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Originally Posted by bombsnizzle View Post
Best Buy had 852 store locations inthe US in 2008.

Pretty sure Best Buy has an impact on the OD market right? With less locations than Redbox

Yet 1000 kiosks are impactless? Your argument is ridiculous.

Millions of people ate at McDonald's in 2005 in the US. Millions of those customers used Redbox for $1/night. Millions of those people didn't buy the DVD that they rented for $1 from Redbox in 2005.

2005 was the start - now in 2012 WB is so scared they have a 56 day embargo.
LMAO! Utter nonsense! That you can compare a DVD kiosk to a Best Buy store just shows how desperate you are to not to admit that you are WRONG in your statements.

Try looking at Redbox's financials and see what their gross sales has been for the last 6 years (per year). THAT will tell you everything you need to know - not some half-assed bullshit comparison like you are making.
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