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Originally Posted by mikemorel View Post
At the end of 2005, (when purchased by Coinstar) they had only 1000 kiosks.

In March of 2007, there were only 2300 Redbox kiosks. In other words, non-existent. There are now 33,000 Redbox kiosks.

To attempt a tie the peak and decline of DVD in 2006 to Redbox is ridiculous.
Using this argument the iPod did not have an impact on the music market until they sold hundreds of millions of units years later.

In the beginning, when they sold "only" a million units they were "non-existent".

The iPod represented a shift from day one even if the $$ didn't say so. Everything has to start from somewhere.

The iPod made Apple what it is today - the iPod was the ground work for the iPhone and Apple then selling more and more laptops and now iPads. Now a cultural icon. The iPod started it all. But I bet no one foresaw that in 2001-2002.

Just like Redbox wasn't as scary in 2005. Doesn't mean they shouldn't have been. Look at them now. WB is plenty scared.

The iPod was a catalyst. So was Redbox. Even when sales didn't necessarily reflect it. They changed the game. Their mere introduction blew things up.

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