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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
Sure - tell me the number of kiosks Redbox had at the end of 2006 - the year that DVD peaked.
1600. 1000 at McDonald's.

It's also when they starting testing their Walmart kiosks.

Do many people shop and eat at Walmart and McDonald's?

"As they move from 1,600 kiosks to 5,000 and then to eventually 10,000, it will be fascinating to watch the effect it has on the DVD industry."

The growth in Redbox helped usher in the fall of DVD sales.

Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
Nope - but you have to include Netflix too. Or are you going to argue THAT?
I agree. But Netflix was around well before Redbox and well before DVD's peak. Netflix was around for the highs and the lows. Redbox mainly just the lows. Coincidence?

Netflix was around since 1999. Yet DVD still skyrocketed. Only when Redbox showed did DVD falter. Coincidence or cause/effect?

Either way it's undeniable Redbox had a huge impact on DVD sales. I mean - $1/night. Hard to beat.

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