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Originally Posted by cakefoo View Post
I have not thought about what Blu-ray will peak at for a long time. So it can't be obvious to you what I think. Why is it even important to the topic of January releases that bruce and I were trying to have?

Who diverged from the topic and started discussing posters first? Mike, then you and chip. 3 strikes against you guys, none against me. The accusation I changed my tune about releases, based on an irrelevant poll, is a fabrication from mike that you and chip eagerly obeyed without hestation. All in lieu of a direct and logic response to the topic I was discussing with Bruce.
Bullshit. How can you not think of what Bluray will peak at? It's a major topic here and the former smackdown. You continue to accuse people of things and then do exactly those things. Stop being a hipocrite and participate. Then maybe I can take your posts seriously.
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