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Originally Posted by cakefoo View Post
What poll do you think Mal was referring to when he said this?
This one, obviously:

Go ahead and circle my name because I'm having trouble finding it

For one, ad hominem attacks themselves don't logically back anyone into a corner. All they do is overwhelm the person with having to reply to a bunch of baseless attacks day in and day out. I applaud Kosty for putting up with as much as he has on HDD when you were around. He's not perfect, he falls for the same stuff over and over and dishes out the attacks on occasion, but he has shown good intent at times I would not be able to stay composed.

Secondly, ad hominem attacks are themselves irrelevant to a discussion, by definition. The key to a good forum is that people discuss posts they disagree with instead of just the poster. Otherwise they have no point. If this thread does turn into nothing but ad hominem attacks like Smackdown, then, well, I'm sure the mods aren't going to like all the extra policing they'll have to start doing. If it wasn't ok at Smackdown it's going to be frowned upon on more behaved forums like this one.
I wasn't referring to any poll. You obviously agree with Kosty. Do you not? Correct me if I'm wrong. Do you not think Bluray will achieve 8 billion?
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