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Just a friendly reminder, this is the post we are supposedly discussing, and yet I don't see how any of it relates. It all went off-track when mike and mal responded.

Originally Posted by cakefoo View Post
Box office power matters, but more importantly, RELEASES matter. What's the difference? Box office power only takes into account movies released in January that had a box office presence. December home video releases, limited theatrical releases, DTV releases, and catalog releases don't add to the BO power tally. If they did 2011 would be far more even with 2012 in terms of release strength. Also, there were a couple 2012 BO releases (Courageous and Paranormal Activity 3) that were in genres that either don't convert well to Blu-ray (courageous) or don't sell as much in proportion to their bo on home video period (Paranormal Activity)

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