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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
Long term sales at volumes below the 30,000 of so units of the #20 title still can add up to substantial volumes and that's where I think and have been told where Blu-ray sales have more legs than DVD. But that's well beyond the normal 8 week period where DVD sales fall off a cliff and go into the great grey goo. Many evergreen Blu-ray titles sell for more volumes and have greater legs than DVD versions as the Blu-ray ownership base is still growing.

I am only interested in which format has legs after week one and have sales strong enough to be in the top 20. Weaker sales or titles should have similar characteristics so there's no point in worrying about titles that didn't make the cut.

Furthermore, after 8-12 weeks the ownership base is affected and the goal is to compare leg / share behavior under the same base. What's the point in saying that Blu-ray has more legs because it gains 6-7% market share every year on DVD? That's rather obvious isn't it?
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