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How can anyone watch standard def?

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I might have to get cable for two weeks (or a month if they won't let me do that)... I think it'd totally be worth it.

I'll just be watching the olympics and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't watch much of it otherwise... but I like watching a handful of the sports in the olympics and I'm sure a lot of events will look pretty cool in 3D.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot... so far the only way to broadcast 3D content is in a side-by-side or over/under format. It's possible that NBC affiliates could add a 'temporary' channel to their part of the frequency bandwidth (i.e: a channel 4 could put the 3D version on 4.2 instead of their usual 4.1) but I think making that also in HD would sacrifice data bandwidth. It would still be cool to see 3D content on broadcast TV!

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