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Originally Posted by bombsnizzle View Post
That's a weird thing to say since the Apple TV has been sold for years and hasn't done a damn thing to "fundamentally change the way HD media is sold and distributed".

You know, this thing:

Please explain to me why merely placing this little black box inside a TV will change anything. HDTVs already come with a ton of services to watch HD movies - Vudu, Blockbuster, etc. Why is an Apple branded TV going to drastically change consumption of HD content?

The iPad has contributed no significant increase to EST or VOD revenue. Neither has the Apple TV. Oh and Apple still doesn't support UV either. So the pattern here (aka the facts) shows your speculation to be inaccurate and way off base.
Umm I think that's why he said "if they deliver" like they did with thier other hit products. Because "if" it's a hit like those products? It can make big changes.
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