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Interesting Bruce. Glad I could help stimulate some further analysis.

Oh, and did anyone see what I was talking about when I said that the box office power is not always representative of the home video sales potential?

Despite the favorable box office YOY, 2012 new releases accounted for fewer unit sales.

1,568,000 in 2011
1,150,000 in 2012

2012 BO looks inflated because the Paranormal Activity series has always sold fewer discs than its BO indicates. Also the combo exclusivity window did NOT help sales of the Blu-ray.

2011 BO makes the new releases look weaker than they are- Girl Who Kicked the Hornets nest was a limited release, and Open Season 3 and Dead Space were both direct to video releases.

We should see somewhat of a reverse impact the week of February 8th, when Paranormal Activity 2 came out in 2011.
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