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I looked at the Blu-ray top 20 for this last reporting week, as well as the matching week for last year, in order to determine the percentages of unit sales from each of three groups:

1) new releases
2) recent releases (2-4 weeks old)
3) older releases (5+ weeks old)

For the week ending 1/29/12 and 1/30/11, here are the percentages for each. Totals will add up to 100% for each year:

Year: new release / recent release / older release
2012: 66.9% / 15.0% / 18.1%
2011: 74.1% / 8.4% / 17.5%
difference between 2012 and 2011: -7.2% / 6.6% / 0.6%

For example, the 66.9% above means that 66.9% of top 20 unit sales were from new releases, while 15.0% were from recent (2-4 weeks old) releases. The remaining 18.1% were from older (5+ weeks old) releases.

Generally speaking, the higher the percentage for new releases, the stronger that week is for new titles.

The new release strength was greater for 2011 than for this year, but not by a large amount. The recent release strength was greater for this year, while the older releases (the "carry over" strength) was almost a wash, slightly favoring this year.

I'll probably end up doing this on a weekly basis, and later we can gauge what is "normal" for each of the three categories. Thanks to Cakefoo for the inspiration.

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