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Originally Posted by chipvideo View Post
BS!!! They are trying to FORCE consumers to upgrade. It isn't working.

They are willing to take a loss in order to market it.
Well that's one thing that makes sense, in that the promotional aspect of increasing household and family adoption of Blu-ray by getting more combos sold with Blu-ray Discs in the package is worth something of value in the long term.

Its undeniable that Blu-ray marketshare for family related genres has risen over the past few years. So in some sense Disney's strategy for promoting Blu-ray to families has shown some demonstrable results.

Don't also forget that a combo sale sells at a premium price over a plain DVD sale so even if fewer DVD units were sold than if the DVD sku was not delayed the higher price and unit margin of the combo BD+DVD sku helps make some of that up in revenues and profits. If the combo sells at a 25% premium that offsets some volume lost of DVD sales.

Plus there is the promotion of Blu-ray aspect to the strategy as well. By doing it selectively Disney can gain the benefits of the marketing and marketshare growth with less risk than if it went all in with all releases having DVD only delays.

Like I said, if we see more and more that other titles get the same treatment with a DVD only delay them someone must think its making more money now or in the future or else the studios would not continue doing it.

Disney for example must think the concept works for their new to Blu-ray classic animation releases as they have done it now for that class of titles for many years now all the way back to Snow White.

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