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Originally Posted by jpog View Post
Everyone is pretty much correct here. I am a Reliability Engineer by trade and more then likely something else will fail in the pnael before the LEDs go-out....LEDS made it todays makret last anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 and longer depending on the grade..and that is just the half-brightness spec. Although the industry seems to be moving towards the 70% brightness spec...either way it doesn't matter then something else would probably of failed. Manufacturers like to list this spec to consumers because it sounds amazing and relatively easy to measure but it really says nothingabout how long your panel will last. That comes down to Production Line Quality and how well the Design Team did in designing sub-compoents with enough margin in them to account for shifts in the distributions and grade of the lower level components.
Nope, it all comes down to how much supply chain changed the specs to save a nickle. I'm the design engineer that gets a bad rap because of supply chain!!!
This post is not to be construed as a slam on plasma TV's nor an endorsement of any other TV technology.
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