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Originally Posted by Tallan View Post
I understand to a point of what you are saying.

Then if there is a possibility of worse Quality of Picture, Can the AVR be connected so you only use it for sound? I assume using the HDMI would route both the sound and Video through the AVR.

What connection type (if any) would be used to bypass the Video?

Thanks for your help!

In the video set-up you will have choices like 480/720p/1080i/1080p and 'pass-through' . You can try the 1080p and see what you think, let your tv do it (pass through) or have it upscaled from your sat/cable box and then 'pass through' to see if your cable/sat box is best. You will not have to suffer a worse picture by going through an AVR. More than likely unless you have a very critical eye you won't see a difference among any of them.
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