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Originally Posted by jmwatkins View Post
I'm interested in how different my ME1 save is vs. a fresh start in ME2. My Wrex situation...
Ashley killed him when he pulled a gun on me.

Also, I chose to save Ashley, so Kalenko died. I nailed Ashley and let the council die at the end and chose Anderson over Udina.

I have a game save set right before I go Ilos, so I can go back and do side missions if I have to. Where do I get the DLC for this game if I'm bored someday and decide to do it?
I wanted to nail Ashley but she was sooo annoying I had to let her take one for the team.

I also let Anderson live and I kept Wrex alive. I am hoping the Krogans have a large part to ME3 and you will see what I mean when you start up ME2

Good question on the DLC, I dont know. I would say Steam should have it but the whole EA Origin thing. I did find some on Origin and it shouldnt be an issue but I dont know for sure.
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