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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
Digital sell through is distinctly different than Blu-ray. There is still not a way to make an EST purchase of a cross studio supported format. Of course sales are going to be weak.
Studios support iTunes.

In fact iTunes has been getting movies EARLY from the studios.

iTunes is linked to 100M+ Apple devices and 100M+ credit cards.

You can't sweep a number like 100M under the rug. Sales are weak because demand is weak.

iPad sales are booming. Why aren't digital movie sales following in accord?

It's seem awfully suspicious to underscore iTunes and Apple as if they don't matter when the truth is they dominate the media and electronics industry.

Seems to me the only reason why one wouldn't treat iTunes as the behemoth it is is to manufacture an excuse for poor to-date EST sales.

Digital music sales exploded. Digital e-books sales exploded. But yet digital movie sales have not. Why?

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