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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
The latest PR strategy is to try and diss Digital when the facts of OD are presented.
PS digital sales have not been doing well, that is fact. There is no denying that. I am hoping that with a unified UV coming (hopefully at CES) that will change . Digital and Optical are together the Home Video Pie and any way you slice it (pun) that pie is looking (and tasting) sour for 2011 right now. I'm looking forward to seeing all the final 2011 numbers for the entire industry. Hoping they are released soon!

I have been lambasted many times over at HTF as being called a Shill and many other names for my interest and excitement in Ultraviolet . I've even been called a UV insider by many over there which I think is hilarious since most of my knowledge on the subject was picked up doing simple googling.

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