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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Yep, since crunch time basically. I've read that releases don't matter that much this time of year because most of the sales are seasonal.

So it's pretty obvious that BD has a "seasonal" disappointment. Last year Blu-ray did $109 million the week before xmas, with only $303 million in box office power ("Salt" was the only favorable genre title that week).
The PR spin has been consistent in that things always look better in the future (see list of 'PR flavor of the week' below), and then when the numbers don't meet expectations of the PR folks, then the list of excuses (see list of PR 'clean-up in aisle Blu' below) comes out to explain why the current disappointing numbers are still further signs that all is OK and the best is yet to come.

PR Flavor of the week (or, why things will look better in coming weeks)
  • Price Stability in BD is now set and Q4 will show that(AKA H1 2011 PR Flavor)
  • Units Matter (AKA - Holy Shit! Prices Declined again in Q4 2011)
  • Box Office Matters (AKA Q1 PR Flavor or 'OMG AVATAR MESSED IT ALL UP - WAH!!)
  • Box Office Doesn't Matter and Seasonality Will Win The Day (AKA Early Q4 Realization that BD had blown it's BD Wad in Late Q3 / Early Q4)
  • Box Office Matters Again (Late Q4 PR Spin Looking Ahead to.... It Doesn't Matter It Will Just Get Better - Trust Me)

Clean-up on Aisle Blu List
  • See PR Flavor of the week List Above

It has been a long year with plenty of spin so I am sure I may have missed something. Please feel free to add to the list.
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