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Originally Posted by Kosty View Post
Some of the things to look for next year is the base rate of routine sales for Blu-ray without any big releases in the Q1 Q2 Q3 period and how high the first couple weeks of bigger releases like Twilight: Breaking Dawn will be for Blu-ray revenues and Blu-ray revenue and unit marketshare and title marketshare.
With retailers likely trimming space allocated for OD, we will see a drop.

Those are the kind of thing that will be effected by the increase in Blu-ray hardware owners and increased Blu-ray household penetration or promotional incidents like the POTC4 Disney Blu-ray combo only strategy with DVD only delay. Catalog Blu-ray sales and more inventory of Blu-ray titles should also be a result of a larger Blu-ray ownership base.
But BD players does not equal sales. We saw that in 2011 when more BD players entered homes and BD might be lucky enough to be up 20% over the previous year. And that 20% comes with many * as the studios played some games this year to make Blu-ray front and center (POTC4). Lots of revenue that went to BD that was not rightfully earned. I mean, we all know the tricks the studios will do, some will downplay it *cough*, but it happened.
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