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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
DVD players were selling in large quantites. BD players haven't. They have always needed the PS3 to inflate the number of players sold. Without it, the numbers wouldn't look good at all.

Just like today, they sell lots of Combo packs.
So basically all this time player sales comparison talk has been apples to oranges?

I remember them using it in CES 2009, saying Blu-ray is growing faster than DVD.

since inception, in roughly two-and-a-half years on the market, Blu-ray has sold over 10.7 million players in the United States market. This number includes PS3 systems that make up approximately 65% of the players reported with standalone players making up the remaining 35%. PC drives are not included in these numbers. By contrast, DVD, widely acclaimed as the most successful consumer electronics format ever launched, had only sold 5.4 million players by the end if the format's third year on the market. Clearly, Blu-ray is heavily outpacing DVD adoption.
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