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Originally Posted by ImRizzo View Post
From a posting by wooty at HDJ

linda, love's dear friend, has sent me pictures of him. and i thank her -- very, very much.

he is beautiful. so very beautiful. with glorious high cheekbones from his mohawk birthfather and silken soft fair skin from his scots birthmother.

linda tells me he had a long ponytail when she first met him (that so fits :-) but his hair is short and silvery in most of the pictures sent. except for the ones where it's lost to the ravages of radiation.

his mien is ever distinguished and serene: like the man. and in many of the pictures he is enjoying the company of dogs. i take that as a sign

but i won't post the pictures. my compass and friend junkie and i talked about it. he's right. and he reflects my first instinct. love was a private man who shared himself generously with us here at hdj. it would be wrong to presume upon his privacy now by taking more than he may have been willing to give.

he is what he was to us. and always will be. that he is "beautiful" too, is irrelevant.

there is one picture i don't think he'd mind sharing. one he took himself, one that reflects his skill in areas beyond high def and high speed. so this, in the corner pocket, for love.

(unable to carry over image)
Thanks for sharing Rizzo.

I'm glad to know a little about the man here we call L2W. I think most here have their own clear image of who he actually is anyway so no need for pictures.
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